We provide family based therapy services, assessing current skill levels and if necessary providing individual and/or group therapy. Our therapists have expertise in a range of areas of learning and communication difficulties, and provide therapy in a bright and fun therapeutic atmosphere.

We believe in working in a child centred model; encouraging collaborative work with parents, carers, teachers and other health professionals in delivering effective intervention services. We are happy to be in contact with other members of your child’s team at any time and can provide reports on a regular basis.

If you have any concerns about your child’s speech, language or listening development, our team has staff specialising in the following areas:

Ages 0-4

Speech Pathology 
Parents become extremely concerned when they feel their babies’ and toddlers’ communication abilities are delayed or impaired. When they first arrive at our clinics, they often feel overwhelmed by their situation and powerless to help their children. The speech pathology services provided by our skilled practitioners offer immediate comfort to parents. After diagnosing the difficulty, we create a plan to move forward with your child’s communication growth as the focal point.
Fun and engaging speech therapy and other techniques can assist by

  • Enhancing communication
  • Helping children express themselves
  • Generating the skills to engage, interact and develop friendships
  • Promoting confident and happy kids
  • Avoiding behavioural problems

Please call the clinic now if you have any concerns about your child’s speech impediment or other speech development issues. We collaborate with parents to pass on the knowledge that will assist their youngsters.
We are registered providers under the FACHSIA funding scheme.

Ages 5-12

Speech Therapy
Stuttering, language delays, unclear speech and auditory processing disorders at this relatively early stage can leave a lasting impact if untreated. Our speech pathology clinicians are specially trained to detect and improve the symptoms of these conditions using a variety of speech therapy techniques. We do this in a supportive, fun and nurturing environment that always keeps the parents informed while their child is relaxed and enjoying the sessions.
Speech pathology in this age range can assist with –

  • Communication, social skills, coping skills
  • Academic achievements, literacy development
  • Understanding the curriculum
  • Friendship development

By working on early reading skills, spelling, speech clarity and phonological awareness our speech pathologists can assist with your child’s development. If you feel your son’s or daughter’s language and communication abilities are delayed or in need of evaluation, please call. A speech pathology session may be all that’s needed to put your mind at ease.
We are registered providers under the FACHSIA funding scheme.


Don’t Let a Speech Impediment Overwhelm Your Teenager.
Being a teenager is hard enough without having communication difficulties. There are numerous techniques available to speech pathology clinicians that can help your teenager overcome stuttering or language processing difficulties. In a sensitive environment, our speech therapy programs will address these and more and help restore your teen’s confidence.
Peninsula Speech Pathology has vast experience dealing with teenagers and we are of great value when it comes to –

  • Improving social skills and interaction
  • Sustaining friendships
  • Enhancing self-esteem
  • Overcoming learning difficulties
  • Understanding the curriculum
  • Language requirements for essays and written assignments
  • Presentation skills
  • Navigating the teenage world

We do all of this in a caring environment which is sensitive to the needs of teens and brings out their best. It’s a wonderful journey for parents too as they witness their child’s personality come out of its shell and enter the world. If your teenager’s energy is drained or they lack motivation because of a speech related issue, call us. We can help.
We are registered providers under the FACHSIA funding scheme.


Speech Pathology

Adults may experience difficulties with speech for several reasons and the effects may be quite debilitating. Medical conditions such as Huntington’s Disease, stroke, injury and dementia are sometimes the cause of the problems and some cancers are known to contribute too. Regardless of the reasons, the effects are quite upsetting for older patients as they feel an important element of their existence has been taken away. This may promote feelings of frustration, disappointment or apathy and result in isolation and despair.

Speech therapy can help to avert these feelings and restore quality of life. The speech therapists at Peninsula Speech Pathology Services stay up-to-date with the latest techniques in treating adult patients and may be of benefit to yourself or someone you know. We can help with –

  • Language support,
  • Swallowing difficulties,
  • Home care packages for patients over 65,
  • Speech impediments,
  • Language processing.

Please call for more information on how we can assist adults in need of speech pathology services.

Communication Partner Training

Available as an individual or group service for family members, carers or residential staff experiencing difficulty understanding or communicating with adults with speech/language deficits.

Hearing Loss

Loss of hearing is one of the most common conditions affecting older and elderly adults. Approximately one in three people over the age of 65 experience hearing loss. Having trouble hearing can make it hard to understand and follow a doctor’s advice, respond to warnings and/or hear doorbells and alarms. It makes it hard to enjoy talking with friends and family and communicate basic needs and wants effectively. All of this can be frustrating, embarrassing, and even dangerous. We offer aural rehabilitation services in the home and aged care residences. This includes hearing aid maintenance, communication strategies and environmental modifications to maximise effective communication, client wellbeing and quality of life.

In-servicing and Education

Education and support in all aspects of communication and swallowing for family, carers and staff groups caring for the elderly.


Swallow x-rays are performed on referral and conducted in a local hospital setting. We work closely with the client’s General Practitioner, Family and relevant specialists to ameliorate swallow dysfunction and optimise safe swallowing for our clients.

Speech Therapy

We provide adult speech therapy to improve and support language comprehension, and expression as well as speech production (articulation) difficulties resulting from stroke, head injury or progressive, neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s Disease. We are able to provide these services in the clinic, home or aged care residences.


Voice care and therapy is an area of special interest for several of our therapists. We work closely with local Ear Nose and Throat surgeons to support anyone experiencing ongoing difficulties with their voice. We also offer on and offsite workshops for professional voice users such as teachers, who are dependent on maintaining vocal fitness for their livelihood. Workshops can be customised according to the needs of each client group.

Aged Care Services

We offer assessment and on-going management of speech, language and swallowing for clients at home and in aged care facilities. Eligible clients can access services through their Home Care Package via client directed care.

Swallowing Assessment

We provide onsite visits to aged care facilities to screen and review swallow function in residents. Suitable for groups of aged care facility residents. We provide visiting support to update staff on the food and fluid consistencies required by residents.

We are registered providers with Medicare, Department of Veterans Affairs and the Transport Accident Commission. All therapists working with adults are registered with iPRO Live having met the compliance standards for eligibility to provide contractor services to aged care facilities.

Occupational Therapy

A child’s “occupation” centres around play and learning. Our Occupational Therapy team help children with any condition, disability or impairment that affects the ability to perform everyday activities. We can:

  • Help children achieve their developmental milestones such as fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination to help with play, school or independent skills (e.g throwing a ball, getting dressed, holding a pen or utensil)
  • Educate and involve parents, carers and others to facilitate the development and learning of children
  • Help children with developmental delays learn everyday tasks (such as bathing, getting dressed, brushing their teeth, and feeding themselves)
  • Help children with behavioural issues maintain positive behaviours in all environments (e.g., instead of hitting others or acting out, using positive ways to deal with anger, such as writing about feelings or participating in a physical activity)

We are lucky to have a different delivery of Occupational Therapy services.

YUMM OT is the brainchild of Eliza Bowen, an Occupational Therapist passionate about Yoga and Uniting Mindfulness and Meditation with OT. Research validates mindfulness, breathing techniques and yoga-based movement as effective tools for managing physical, mental, emotional and social challenges both in the classroom and daily life. Coupled with Occupational Therapy it is the perfect union for any child.

Therapy Assistants

At Peninsula Speech, we are always on the lookout for new and innovative ways to deliver services that maintain the quality and optimise progress for our clients.  

We supervise Allied Health Therapy students at Pen Speech to enable completion of the clinical component of their course work.  Throughout this process, we see how their work can complement our services in supporting clients and families.  

The NDIS has opened the way for an increasing range of service options. We are continually finding ways to make services functional and relevant to your goals.  

Peninsula Speech Plus is designing a Therapy Assistant program as a choice for our clients.

The following information will shed light on what this means and whether this might be something you could pursue to complement your therapy. 

So, what is the difference between Therapists and Allied Health Assistants?

Allied health professionals (speech pathologists, occupational therapists, dieticians, psychologists, social workers and physiotherapists) are university trained professionals that have specific high-level skills in their discipline area.  Allied health professionals are responsible for assessing, identifying, diagnosing, making recommendations, treating and supporting people. Allied health therapists must be registered to practice, either through the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency (AHPRA), or a professional regulatory agency.  In order to remain registered and to be allowed to practice in their profession, allied health professionals must only do what they have the skills and knowledge to do (work within their scope of practice) and are required to spend a certain number of hours each year keeping up to date with research and furthering their clinical knowledge and skills.

Therapy assistants at Pen Speech:
Therapy assistants support a person with their activity programs in a variety of settings. They work under the direction of a qualified therapist, following the agreed goals and implementation plan. 
At Pen Speech our Therapy Assistants are either Students training to be Speech Pathologists or Occupational Therapists or have completed a Certificate IV as an Allied Therapy Assistant.  We have decided to employ Therapy Assistants within the Peninsula Speech team to ensure a team approach focused on communication and goal outcomes.

Who can access the Therapy Assistants

Any of our Pen Speech clients can access the Therapy Assistants.

Where will the Therapy Assistants work?

The Therapy Assistants will work in a variety of environments according to each person’s goals and requirements.  Sessions will be available in the clinic but therapy assistants will be able to travel to schools, homes and other environments. 

How does it work?

Depending on timetabling we would encourage your therapy assistant to attend the therapy sessions with your Speechie or OT.  Between scheduled sessions, the therapy assistant continues to work on goals and activities as prescribed by the Therapist.  The Therapy Assistant would maintain notes within our practice management system. In the event that attendance at the therapy session is not possible the program will be communicated through video and email.
Although this might mean that you see your therapist less often your therapy assistant would continue the therapy practice at home and in real life situations. 

What are the costs?

We have set the Therapy Assistant rate at the NDIS rate of $45.66 an hour.  We anticipate an increase in this rate come the 1st of July.  We will let you know when the price guide is released.

When will the program start

We are ready to get going.  We have Therapy Assistants ready to be paired with families.  
We are very excited about this program and the outcomes it can provide.  However, as with new programs, we anticipate that there may be some teething issues as we move to this new way of delivering services.  We are working to minimise these.  We also love feedback as to how we can improve our services, so please give us feedback!

What do we do now?

If you are interested discuss with your therapist or call admin on 5975 1500.


Peninsula Speech Pathology believe groups are a great alternative to individual therapy and for many of our clients offer the opportunity to develop and practice new skills amongst peers.

We run a range of groups throughout terms and intensive programs during School Holidays.

Groups are tailored according to the skills and needs of the children in the group so content and activities are flexible to accommodate this. Available group programs include

  • Social Skills
  • School readiness
  • Language
  • Articulation
  • Feeding

Holiday Intensive Programs

If fitting work, school, extracurricular activities AND therapy is too difficult, our holiday intensive programs are for you. For clients looking to maintain progress across the school break, groups are a perfect adjunct to your regular sessions. Group programs cover social skills, language, literacy, school readiness and feeding. Intensive 1:1 therapy sessions are offered to kickstart and/or consolidate acquisition of individualised intervention targets.



We have all completed one term of PROSPER.  Our PROSPER program is where we volunteer at local Kindergartens.  We visit one kindergarten each fortnightly for one term.  Kindergarten is a great place to be!  It was so much fun!  Each of us had a different experience but collectively we all came back from our PROSPER visits with a smile on our face.

Peninsula Speech Pathology Services are a family centred practice. Our Family Forum evenings cover a range of topics to help our family and community understand and make informed choices about treatment options, their child’s therapy and home practice, funding, new research, school preparation and more.

In fact, if you have a topic you would like covered just let us know. These sessions are free and all interested parties are welcome. Just let us know if you are coming so we can reserve your seat.

Our big project for 2019, No Limits, brings together five outstanding primary school principals and their feeder kinders and opens the doors to success in education for the incredible young minds in their prep and kinder classes.

Crib Point, Wallaroo, Eastbourne, Mornington Park and Tyabb Rail Primary Schools and their feeder kinders will build up the oral language of the children through intensive speech therapy, incorporation of the Abecedarian Program and expansive learning through rich texts and life broadening experiences.

Based on the outstandingly successful pilot of 2018 at Crib Point Primary, this major project will support over 600 children over three years to have the speaking and listening skills to be ready to learn to read in year one.


Peninsula Speech Pathology Services offer professional development training for educators and residential care staff. We recognise and value the necessity for professionals to maintain currency of knowledge and upskill to support their professional and ethical integrity.

Funding Options

The Speech Pathologists at Peninsula Speech Pathology are registered for Medicare and Private Health Fund rebates.  Medicare, Private Health Insurance and Third Party Health Provider funding can be available, as follows:

Private Health Funds

Speech Pathology services can be rebated under certain ancillary tables of private health funds.  Consult your insurance provider to obtain details on the rebate amount, and the maximum amount you can claim per person or family in a calendar year.

Medicare Rebates

Some clients may qualify for a Medicare Allied Health Initiative for Chronic Disease Management Items-previously known as Enhanced Primary Care – (EPC) plans.

Chronic Disease Management Plan

Carer Allowance

A supplementary payment may be available for those who provide additional daily care and attention for someone with a disability or medical condition, or who is frail aged.
The Carer’s Allowance

Medicare Safety Net
This provides financial assistance for costs for out-of-hospital medical services that attract a Medicare benefit. Once you reach a Medicare Safety Net threshold, you may be eligible for additional Medicare benefits.

The Medicare Safety Net

Specialist Program Funding

The “Helping Children with Autism” Package provides funding for multidisciplinary early intervention programs.  This funding is administered through the Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs (FaHCSIA).

FACHSIA – Helping Children with Autism
FAHCSIA – Better Start for children with disabilities


The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is the new way of providing individualised support for eligible people with permanent and significant disability, their families and carers. 

We understand that everyone’s needs, preferences and goals are different. Our role is to support families and individuals to meet your goals. 


  • Group Programs
  • Individual Therapy Sessions
  • Parent Programs
  • Speech Pathology
  • Occupational Therapy