Social in Action

Social in Action is a 6-hour program run across 3 days (2 hours per day). Each session explores the social competencies required tosuccessfully negotiate different social scenarios. This program our sessions will focus on birthday parties, becoming flexible thinkers using Lego construction and sharing imagination in group play.

Across all activities our social learners will practice:

  • Working collaboratively in a group and following a common plan
  • Learning about thoughts and feelings
  • Sharing space together
  • Being flexible about other people’s ideas and perspectives in play
  • Working out what is expected and unexpected behaviour in social contexts
  • Using our eyes to ‘think’ and work out hidden rules
  • Identifying the size of a ‘problem’ and what reaction matches it.


The program is based on a Social Cognition approach and incorporates terminology and concepts from Social Thinking™ products.

When: 13th, 14th, 15th of January from 1:30pm-3:30pm.

Where: Mornington Office 16/1140 Nepean Hwy Mornington.

Cost : $490

We are using the motivational power of lego to focus on skills of communication, negotiation, perspective taking, and gameplay.

Hangouts and playing with friends can be tricky.  Successful hangouts have kids doing what they both want to do. Sharing imaginations, and the rules we all envisage for the shared game can be hard. We will be using verbal coaching and commentary to build a bridge from concrete to more abstract thinking

We will be working on friendship skills, negotiation and more to ensure successful hangouts.

This program is targeted at lower primary aged students.

We will be having food/snacks.  Please let us know of any allergies.

If you are not known to Peninsula Speech Plus a 30 mins appointment before the group is required so that we can meet you to ensure that the groups will meet your goals.