SOCIAL IN ACTION is back due to popular demand but with some changes in focus.

This program will be run over 3 days, (2 hours per day).  Each day we will explore the social thinking skills required to successfully negotiate birthday parties, sports and imagination in play.

Birthday Parties are places of high sensory load, food, games and presents.  In our 2 hour session, we will be learning and practising the social skills needed to have a fun experience.

Sports can be difficult for some.  When playing team sports we need to read the play and position ourselves accordingly.  This can be difficult.  We will be talking about reading non verbal language, sportsmanship and working together as a team.

Football soccer match for children. Boys playing football game on a school tournament. Dynamic action picture of kids competition during playing football. Sport background image.

Hangouts and playing with friends can be tricky.  Successful hangouts have kids doing what they both want to do. Sharing imaginations, and the rules we all envisage for the shared game can be hard. We will be using verbal coaching and commentary to build a bridge from concrete to more abstract thinking

a group of small preschool children play a tug of war in the park. Outdoor games, childhood, friendship, leadership, children’s day.

We will be working on friendship skills, negotiation and more to ensure successful hangouts.

This program is targeted at lower primary aged students.

When: Monday Tuesday Wednesday (running both weeks of the holidays.)
8th, 9th and 10th
15th 16th and 17th.

Where: 16/1140 Nepean Highway Mornington

Cost : $420

We will be having food/snacks.  Please let us know of any allergies.