Safety Plus

Safety Plus

Personal safety and danger awareness is a skill all children need.  This is neither accessible nor straightforward children.

After listening to our families and their concerns for their children, we are excited to be running our very first “Pen Speech Safety Plus” holiday intensive group. Across four hours over two days, we will cover basic fire and emergency training, as well as safety within the community, including road safety and stranger danger awareness.

With special appearances from Ambulance Victoria and the Metropolitan Fire Brigade, we will provide emergency and safety response techniques in a safe environment that is understanding of a range of sensory requirements to learn. At the end of the session, an emergency plan and checklist will be provided for each child so they can continue to learn and reinforce these fundamental life skills at home.

Many thanks to our wonderful parents for your suggestions. We strive to provide services that tackle all concerns surrounding the lives of our clients, and parent feedback is crucial for us to provide quality and relevant groups such as these.

When: Thursday 3rd and Friday 4th of October  –

Where : Frankston – 16 Davey Street Frankston

Cost: $300