Lit Blitz

2020  was a crazy year for students to establish or develop their literacy skills. Literacy instruction needs to be systematic and contain a number of key features. Lit (Literacy) Blitz is a holiday program that targets phonemic awareness skills of segmentation, blending and manipulation, explores letters and sounds and oral language (vocabulary, print knowledge and reading).
The program targets foundation skills and aims to give students the skills to set them up for success.

Wednesday 7th, Thursday 8th and Friday 9th April for 2.0 hours each day.

Where: Session 1:16/1140 Nepean Highway, Mornington
Session 2: Unit 1 12/13 Trewhitt Ct, Dromana

9.30am to 11.30am  – 5-8 year olds (Mornington)
1.00pm to 3.00pm – 5 – 8 year olds (Dromana)

Cost: $540.00 including all handouts, materials and report (for 6.0 hours of therapy)

Call 59751500 to book in.