Crafty Corner

Crafty Corner – SPOT group

Arts and Crafts is our newest SP(eech)OT group.

Craft activities are great for improving a child’s speech, language and fine motor skills!  Not only are they fun to do, but they also work on a variety of occupational and speech and language skills without even trying to.

Our targets include:

  • Executive Function Skills- organising, planning and sequencing (arranging language, thoughts, information and actions) in an effective order
  • Following and giving verbal directions
  • Fine motor skills – enhancing hand-eye coordination and building levels of manual dexterity
  • Collaborating with others
  • Sharing ideas with others and asking questions
  • Collaborating and sharing ideas with others
  • Asking questions and making comments
  • Fostering friendship skills (e.g. remembering facts and thinking about others)

Target age range – 6-8 years

When: Monday 28th September, Tuesday 29th September and Thursday 1st October of September 10am -11.30am

Where – Telepractice – so you can attend from anywhere!

Enrolments need to be confirmed by Thursday 24th to ensure that the package gets to you.

Cost – $445 (includes a parcel of materials)