Arty Party – SPOT group for girls

Arts and Crafts is a SPOT group.

Arts and Crafts is our newest SP(eech)OT group.

Craft activities are great for improving a child’s speech and language skills!  Not only are they fun to do, but they also work on a variety of occupational and speech and language skills without even trying to.

Here are some speech and language goals that can be targeted through the use of craft activities:

  • Following Directions
  • Listening
  • Sequencing
  • Vocabulary
  • Recalling Past Events

Crafts also target a number of Occupational therapy goals including

  • fine motor – scissor skills
  • sequencing, planning and design
  • regulation

When: Tues 21st and Wed 22nd January 2020

Where: Mornington – 16/1140 Nepean Highway

Cost : $480