Alert Program

 ‘Tuning our Engines’ is an occupational therapist facilitated program which draws on the ‘Alert Program’. 

The aim of this program is to develop your child understanding of their arousal regulation and to start exploring the tools they need to self-regulate their engine level’ (Nervous System!).

Group sessions will be facilitated in our Frankston clinic by Janet Ramirez and Deane Gilbert, occupational therapists. 

Places in this group will be strictly limited. In order to secure your child’s spot in the group please contact the peninsula Speech Plus admin team as soon as possible. 

The group will run over 8 sessions, at a cost of $96.99 per session (NDISfunded clients) and $95 per session (Privately funded clients). Please note thisis the cost for the entire program, missed sessions will not be reimbursed. 

Caregivers of the program participants are invited to attend an online Zoom meeting on February 11th to introduce them to the key concepts of the ‘AlertProgram’. It is imperative that caregivers have a sound understanding of the key concepts of this program to be able to best facilitate the programs language and concepts within their home environment. This Zoom session will be recorded if you are unable to attend the live event and is billed as one ofthe 8 sessions in the program. 

All participants within the group will receive a folder that will have new resources added to it after each session. Please bring along this folder to each session. 

This group will be specifically targeting children in 4yo kinder and Prep aged students, who are experiencing arousal and regulation difficulties. Participants are required to enjoy working with their peers and be able to actively contribute to group discussions. This group is targeted to children who have no prior experience with using the ‘Alert Program’ concepts.

If you have any questions about your child’s suitability for the group, or the content of the program please contact Janet at

WHERE: Frankston Clinic

WHEN: Thursdays 9 am-10 am

DATES: Term 2

COST: $96.99



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March 19, 2021