A guide for parents and carers on how to use teletherapy at home

This guide contains information on how to connect to an online session with your therapist.
A “tech test” will be conducted before your session to ensure session quality. If you do need to troubleshoot during your session, you will be provided with a contact number to directly speak to your therapist. Please ensure all contact numbers and emails are up to date.

What do I need to check before the session starts?

  • Internet connectivity.

You need a minimum of 350kbps for both upload and download speeds. Click here to complete a speed test.

  • Appropriate Device/Computer

If you are using a PC or laptop check you have a camera, microphone and speakers. Click here to complete a device test.

  • Google Chrome

Coviu will work best using the Google Chrome browser over any other.

  • iPhone/iPad

You will need to have at least the Safari 12+ update

  • Spyware/anti-virus software

This may need to be disabled for your sessions.

  • Environment set-up

Ideally, the session will take place in a quiet room, with all light coming in-front of the device/laptop/PC rather than behind.

If you have any difficulties with any of the above, please contact your therapist at your earliest convenience.

Once the pre-session checks have been completed and are successful, you will receive an email invite from your therapist.

Once you receive this e-mail and it is close to your appointment time, press the “join the call” button. Alternatively, your therapist may have sent you a link.
You will be re-directed to COVIU in your web browser. Please press ‘allow’ when prompted in order to let COVIU access the camera and microphone. If this screen lags once you press allow, click ‘restart camera’.

The name of your therapists’ room will be shown, and you will be asked to join as a guest.

You will then be prompted to take a photo and enter your name. This information and photo will not be used for anything other than for the therapist to identify you in the ‘room’. After this, your photo and name will be deleted.

Finally, you will be asked to read and accept the information and terms provided below.
The information outlines how COVIU sessions differ from regular face-to-face sessions, but we hope this platform can make our services more accessible to all during this time. If you have any concerns or questions, please contact your therapist. Once you are happy to proceed, select “Let’s go”.

Your therapist will be notified that you are in the ‘waiting room’ and will promptly accept your request to join the call. From there, you will be added to the ‘room’ and can commence your telehealth session!
If your therapist needs to audio or video record the session, a consent form will be sent through for you to approve before this is allowed.

What can I use teletherapy for?

Here at Peninsula Speech Plus, we are excited by the opportunity to provide this innovative type of service delivery!
Teletherapy is a more time-efficient and flexible way of working. Having the ability to complete therapy from home means no more worrying about getting stuck in traffic or taking additional time off from work or studying. It provides access to services in a much safer way; no passing on of illness from patient to clinician or vice versa. It also allows sessions to be carried out at a time that suits the family best; more morning and evening sessions to fit your needs. Plus…. clients love the fun technology involved!
Using teletherapy the Peninsula Speech Plus team are pleased to offer the following range of services:

  • Usual therapy sessions – due to the flexibility of telehealth, we can adapt session length and times to suit the family. Prefer a shorter session length but a higher frequency of sessions across the week– we can definitely do that!
  • Parent consultation sessions – often therapists don’t get a chance to sit and talk in-clinic sessions due to the hands-on work with the child/client. Especially if your child only attends social group or holiday programs. These catch-ups about goals, what’s working well or not so well and an update on strategies are essential to maintain progress.
  • Consultation sessions with other family members – we love hearing stories about Grandparents and relatives seeing progress with a child or client’s goals. We are more than happy to offer consultation sessions with family members to explain what we are working on and how they can support the development of goals.
  • Teacher consultation – let’s finally fix a time to share what we are working on, discuss any concerns in the classroom and help generalise goals across all settings.
  • Observation and coaching – simply place your device in front of your child and we can observe them at play, whilst giving you strategies to enhance their learning.

If tele-practice is not for you, we can still offer telephone consultations to ensure you are confident in helping maintain progression with goals. We can also put together speech and OT packs filled with activities to work on at home.

The Pen Speech Team